Daly Walker, M.D.

Daly Walker, M.D.
Practiced 1976-2002

Gregory Millis, M.D.

In Memoriam
Dr. Gregory Millis
Practiced 1987-2009

C.O. Weddle, M.D.

C.O. Weddle, M.D.
Practiced 1993-2002

Frederick G. Shedd, M.D.

Frederick G. Shedd, M.D.
Practiced 1991-2017

Dr. Daly Walker founded Southern Indiana Surgery in 1976 as a solo practice. In 1986 he was joined by Dr. Gregory Millis, a practicing surgeon at St. Vincent Hospital and Healthcare Center in Indianapolis, after the two men discovered they shared a common vision dedicated to supreme patient care.

Maintaining high recruiting standards, Walker and Millis built Southern Indiana Surgery into the regional leader in general surgery procedures and one of the state's largest surgery practices. This purpose has carried through to today’s practice, even after the retirement of Dr. Walker and Dr. Millis’ passing in 2009.

Dr. Frederick G. Shedd joined the practice in 1991, bringing innovation in breast cancer treatment and peripheral vascular surgery. He held the position of President of SIS from 2009 until his retirement in 2017.

In 1994, Dr. C.O. Weddle, a respected physician in the Columbus community (also now retired), merged his Columbus-based surgery practice into Southern Indiana Surgery, growing their reach even further.

Throughout the practice history, the surgeons of Southern Indiana Surgery have helped deliver the highest level of care and sought out the latest technology, including pioneering laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery in southern Indiana.

Southern Indiana Surgery provides services to patients from across central and southern Indiana. Today, these board-certified surgeons provide Southern Indiana Surgery patients with high-quality, cost-effective care:

Michael J. Dorenbusch, M.D., joined 1995.
David M. Thompson, M.D., joined 1996.
David J. Lee, M.D., joined 2001.
Douglas Y. Roese, M.D., joined 2003.
Jason W. Christie, M.D., joined 2013.
Justin J. Burdick, M.D., joined 2013.

Emeritus physicians:

Daly Walker, M.D., practiced 1976-2002
Gregory Millis, M.D., practiced 1987-2009
C.O. Weddle, M.D., practiced 1993-2002
Frederick G. Shedd, M.D., practiced 1991-2017